Swakop Uranium

Swakop Uranium

Provision of wash bay services

    • Catering services, bar services and onsite mobile food trailers

    – Managing and operating all storage, preparation, kitchen and dining facilities in the camp;
    -Braai supplies & special meals services – providing an outside braai for Camp residents in lieu of recognized meals, provide meals under exceptional circumstances;
    -Establish a fully serviced bar in each entertainment area;
    -Operating three (3) mobile food trailers within the mine areas.

    • Housekeeping and Cleaning Services

    -Daily cleaning and sanitizing;
    -Adequate daily supply issue of toilet rolls and soap to the ablutions;
    -Daily cleaning of rooms, bed making of all beds and emptying of outside refuse bins;
    -Cleaning of public facilities, communal buildings, toilets etc;

    • Laundry services

    -Provide laundry services for personal, bedding and work clothes to supervisors and skilled employees.

    • Supply of cleaning materials and detergents

    -Provision of cleaning materials such as toilet rolls, hand soap, disinfectants, sanitizing agents, special cleaners, polishes, strippers, shampoos etc

    • Sewage Treatment and Waste/Rubbish removal

    -Inspect the sewage collection piping as scheduled to ensure there are no leaks or breaks in the system or stoppages within the pipes or manholes;
    -Devise and implement a garbage collection system throughout the camp

    • Respiratory Care Centre

    -Perform cleaning of respirators as specified by the client.

    • Accommodation

    -Assign accommodation within the Camp to residents assigned to the Camp by the Company